Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Harper’s Manufactured Crisis

In a page likely taken out of the old Mike Harris (former Conservative Premier of Ontario) playbook, Prime Minister Harper seems intent on creating a crisis where none exists in order to have his way politically. As reported in today’s Globe and Mail, Harper is threatening to call an election immediately if Liberal Opposition Leader Stephane Dion refuses to meet with him before September 8th, the day three by-elections are scheduled to be held.

The transparency of Haper’s motives must be making even inveterate Conservatives nervous. In order to avoid what could be embarrassing by-election results and to limit any further damage to Conservative credibility over the election ‘in and out’ scandal, not to mention the prospect of a Democratic win in the U.S November Presidential election and a souring Canadian economy, Harper seems intent on insulting the intelligence of all thinking Canadians by trying to perpetrate a fraudulent basis for dissolving Parliament.

Perhaps Mr. Harper should review the results of unnecessary past elections: they often incur the wrath of voters who resent being manipulated by their so-called leaders.

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