Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Independent Project

I just read a very interesting piece in The New York Times revolving around a high school in Massachusetts that allowed eight students, ranging from near drop-outs to honours achievers, to design their own curriculum, essentially creating a school within the school. Called the Independent Project, the story of what it achieved can be read here.

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hornblower said...

these sorts of projects have been around for years. You may be interested in John Taylor Gatto's book of essays "Dumbing Us Down" Gatto ran just such programs.

Many homeschoolers/unschoolers also strive to give self-directed learners lots of opportunities to design their own curriculum.

There's an actual school in Vancouver which does the same thing. It's called SelfDesign and in addition to supporting homeschoolers (who have freedom to do anything they please in BC under s. 12 of the education act) they also have a full program which leads to a Gr. 12 diploma but the course of learning is student led.