Saturday, June 26, 2010

Where's Waldo (a.ka. Premier McGuinty)?

Despite the fact that over 24 hours have passed since the revelation that the McGuinty Government secretly passed a law giving the police unprecedented powers of arrest for those venturing within 5 metres of the perimeter fence at Toronto's G20 summit, the Premier, as far as I have been able to determine, is nowhere to be found. Is this leadership? Or does he vainly hope that people will quickly forget this issue when these extraordinary powers are rescinded on June 28th?

Below is the message I left for him on his website

I was absolutely disgusted to learn that your government, through an order-in-council, secretly passed a law allowing for the arrest of people coming within 5 metres of the security perimeter at the G20 should they refuse to provide identification to police. Compounding this unwarranted abrogation of our Charter Rights is the fact that your Government kept this information from the citizens who have always understood they were not subject to arbitrary arrest in this country.

This action, and the cowardly attempt to conceal it, has shaken my confidence in your leadership, and is leading me to reassess my choices come next election.

His website does require you to leave your personal information, but I didn't see any harm in that ….. Just a moment, who are those men at the front door, knocking so loudly?

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