Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Results So Far

I also post this blog on another site that seems to be read exclusively by teachers, and it seems more successful in eliciting comments than is this site thus far. I am therefore taking the liberty of pasting in the three comments I have received so far based on yesterday's invitation for input about experience with administrators.

Betty said:
I had one particularly bad experience with a principal a few years ago. I have mentioned him several times in comments (not by name, of course). He loved to pick on teachers and made evaluations stressful and miserable. Did I say stressful and miserable? Just wanted to make sure. One year it was my turn to be in the hot seat, and he made my life unbearable. I stuck it out but probably should have transferred to another school. A couple of years later he acted like nothing had happened and told me he thought I was an excellent teacher. Go figure.
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Betty said:
I am still laughing at myself. Maybe it's the lack of air conditioning up here in my office. Trying to conserve, you know. Okay. Now I will respond to your actual question. I had a marvelous lady principal who valued everyone in the building. I would work for her today if I could. She was always smiling and made everyone's day better. She was very supportive of the staff. The thing I liked the best was that she really listened to us and implemented a lot of our ideas. She was awesome.
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MysteryTeacher said:
I have had principals that others thought was fantastic. I didn't. She was a control freak of the worst kind. She did everything herself and did not delegate. Lazy teachers loved that. I prefer to have input and be part of the solution, not just told how it is. The best principal I have ever had was my first. She came right out of the classroom and she really understood what was going on. If she hadn't had an affair with one of our more randy teachers, she probably would have lasted forever.
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Again, please don't hesitate to leave a comment. If you are an administrator, for example, what are some of the things you do to work effectively with the staff?

If you are a teacher, have my comments been representive of your experiences, or was I just unlucky in my career?

If you are a parent, what has been your experience with administrators?

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